Save while Living in Luxury: This Couple Pays just $600 for a 6,000 sq ft Mansion

Do you want to live life king size? Do you wish to stay in a luxurious and sprawling mansion at complete peace of mind?

Perhaps you would if you could get to rent a palatial home at pennies. Professional vacant home caretaker Robert Krier, a 65-year-old semi-retired music teacher, lives in a 6,000 sq ft stone house in downtown Denver just for $600 a month.

Sounds weird, right? Here is how to save thousands in rent by living as a vacant home caretaker.


Who hire vacant home caretakers?

Vacant properties are difficult listings for homeowners, realtors, and real estate agents. Real estate professionals agree that an occupied home sell as much as 30% faster than those left vacant. While many homeowners hire guardians for their vacant home themselves, there are many professional vacant home caretaker businesses across the country who hire vacant home caretakers.

The Kriers, who got in the game seven years ago at the height of the housing market, are clients of Denver-based Caretakers of America, or COA. During the years, they have already helped sell 10 homes and now on their 11th property.


What does a professional caretaker need to do?

Well, it’s not exactly cosy. You must keep the home staged for showings seven days a week for about 10 hours starting around 9 a.m. You should be committed to caring and maintaining the home, always. You can plan otherwise while in your own home, but here you have to have the place straightened up before you leave for work, the dishes done, the bathrooms neat.

Being a professional vacant home caretaker, you put all the utilities in your name, maintain the lawn and gardens, and remain committed to stage the home before potential buyers without notice.

In fact, you have to take care of the property like a newborn and much more than your own home.


What qualities do homeowners look for in caretakers?

"We find credible, well-vetted tenants," says Tom Schmidt, who started Homes In Transition, or HIT, in Albuquerque, N.M. The screening process includes a background check that covers immigration status, criminal history and credit standing.

You have to be reliable, responsible and flexible, and at the same time a great neighbor to those living around. Apart from these, the furniture and other furnishings you own are also checked to see if they match with the property. Sometimes, you can be denied just because you smoke or own a pet.

As a vacant home caretaker, you should be able to understand the concerns of the owner or realtor and share the vision of transforming the vacant property into a beautifully staged home that will sell fast.

Once sold, you should be flexible enough to vacate the property within short notice.


How much you can save?

A three bedroom, 1200 sq ft home in downtown Denver would cost you somewhere around $2,000 a month. However, the Krier couple is boastful of their four bedrooms, five fireplaces, and a wraparound wooden porch that they enjoy just by paying ⅛ of what they would have to actually pay for a standard rental.


Would you consider becoming a professional vacant home caretaker?

If you don’t mind changing your house every 90 days, this could be an attractive way to save money on home rentals. If you have just moved into the town and looking to get a feel of the market before buying a home, living as a caretaker could be an option. This could also be a good option for people with financial difficulties, who are looking to get back on their feet, and for those who just want a good place to stay for a short tenure and don’t have the money for a regular rental.

Caretakers of America keeps on enrolling caretakers for their vacant homes. If you are willing to get hired as a caretaker, click here:

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