They Want Your Wallet

$49.5 billion. That’s how much was spent in the United States in 2014 for advertising.

And that’s only referring to the Internet ads! How crazy is that?! Society is exposing each of us to thousands of advertisements every single day, which are all designed by marketing experts to do one thing. Yes, you guessed it. They want you to spend your hard-earned money on their product or service, and on a consistent basis. These marketing professionals are leveraging big data and big budgets to increase their reach and resonance. They have even aided in the rise of neuroeconomics, which is the combination of economics, neuroscience, and psychology when used to determine how individuals make buying decisions. Basically, they are studying your brain in order better connect with your subconscious thoughts and desires! Kinda creepy, right?

Well here’s the deal - if there are folks out there who are ramping up their efforts (and budgets) to sell their ideas to our subconscious, then we need to ramp up our own efforts to ensure that our underlying spending habits won’t get us into trouble. Falling prey to impulse buying and wasting money on things we don’t really want or need is never a good feeling. Instead of leaving things to chance in our subconscious minds, we are better off by shifting as many thoughts and ideas related to money into our daily routine.

One way you can accomplish this is by having goals and affirmations. And once you do, write them down and place them on your fridge, in your desk, and at other spots you frequently visit. By reading your goals and affirmations regularly, your subconscious thought-patterns will more closely align with them. In result, there is less raw material for those sneaky marketers to latch onto, thereby decreasing the likelihood of you irrationally opening an account with DraftKings or ending up with a faulty blender from the QVC channel!