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The Money Game If you want to win, you better know the rules!

This program is geared to help educate students on financial issues like the perils of credit card debt, spending less than you earn, automatic investing, and protecting your credit.

Through real-life stories and examples, our speakers will impact your students in ways no college or high school class could!

Who is NFE?

National Financial Educators was founded to educate young people in high school and college on issues of making, saving and spending money. Through an interactive, experienced-based program called "The Money Game," NFE educates students on the perils of credit card debt, how to limit your student loans, understanding needs and wants, and what to expect financially once they're out of school.

We want students to understand you CAN have it all in life, you just can't have it all RIGHT NOW! Our message is simple - at some point, you have to live like a college student. You'll either live that way in college or live that way when you're a professional.

Sample budget (pdf)
Read chapter one of The Money Game book (pdf)
Let your roommates pay your rent article (pdf)

Making money management fun and easy to understand.

A simple, flexible, and affordable way to build wealth through long-term investing.
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