There is a game that we all play with money, and at any given point in time in our lives, we’re either winning or losing. The problem is, most Americans were never taught the rules of how to play the game. Play by the rules, and it’s entirely possible to be completely financially free by your early 30’s. Make the rules up as you go and you’re bound to be relying on someone else for your financial well-being well into old age. You CAN have everything you want in life… The Money Game will show you how! The Money Game is a 60-90 minute keynote session with the option of offering books to your audience.

The Book

The book is a perfect complement to Adam’s humorous, interactive program called The Money Game that has been delivered on over 400 college campuses, hundreds of leadership conferences, and seen by over 150,000 students.


The perfect pairing to the highly acclaimed book, Winning The Money Game is the Downloadable Curriculum. Bring the topics of the book out to play in the classroom. Students will understand and apply the principals for optimal habit growth and financial success. Download the Curriculum.   

The Sponsorship System

All the details you need to know and connections you already have to getting a financial literacy program funded in your university or high school.  Click here to get all the details for the NFE Sponsorship System.

What Others Are Saying?

“There is nothing like this out there for college students and young professionals. Without question the best investment I could have made in my future.”
— Karan Ahuja, Purdue University
“Having been in the workforce for a couple of years, I realize all of the things I didn’t learn in college. This should be mandatory for all big thinkers and high achievers!”
— Amanda Boleyn, University of Iowa Alumn
“National Financial Educators puts the FINE in finance! Learn the secrets to money that your school will never teach.”
— Erik Budlong, Bryant University