National Financial Educators was founded to educate young people in high school and college on issues of making, saving and spending money. Through an interactive, experienced-based program called "The Money Game," NFE educates students on the perils of credit card debt, how to limit your student loans, understanding needs and wants, and what to expect financially once they're out of school.

We want students to understand you CAN have it all in life, you just can't have it all RIGHT NOW! Our message is simple - at some point, you have to live like a college student. You'll either live that way in college or live that way when you're a professional.

What Others are saying about NFE?

“There is nothing like this out there for college students and young professionals. Without question the best investment I could have made in my future.”
— Karan Ahuja, Purdue University

“Having been in the workforce for a couple of years, I realize all of the things I didn’t learn in college. This should be mandatory for all big thinkers and high achievers!”
— -Amanda Boleyn, University of Iowa
“National Financial Educators puts the FINE in finance! Learn the secrets to money that your school will never teach.”
— Erik Budlong, Bryant University