The Sponsorship System

Financial literacy education is a hot button topic in today’s society and we want to make an impact in your local communities. As more and more high schools and Universities are mandating personal finance education, we have created outstanding programs and solutions that fit the needs of your school.


The National Financial Educators team has developed a sponsorship system for administrators, teachers, parents and students to utilize in gaining the funding support from local banks, credit unions, companies, and local businesses.  


Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Identify businesses or personal connections that you know would benefit or have a desire in support financial education in your school or for your upcoming event.

  2. Build your list and Track Correspondence

  3. Download the sponsorship cover letter and print on on your letterhead and/or insert into your e-mail correspondence.

  4. Follow-up with a phone in 4-6 days if you haven’t heard a response.  

  5. Gain funding and reach out to schedule a National Financial Educators event at your School or University.