Founder of National Financial Educators

Adam Carroll is recognized as one of the top Financial Educators in the Country with his core message being “You are the architect of your own life and that starts with your behavior around finances”. Having presented at over 500 colleges and Universities nationwide, hundreds of leadership symposiums, and countless local and regional organizations, Adam Carroll’s message of Building A Bigger Life, Not a Bigger Lifestyle has been heard by over 200,000+ people. A family man, a podcast host and the founder of National Financial Educators Adam is fueled by helping others financially through his presentations, books and his new documentary on student debt, Broke Busted & Disgusted.



An actuary by trade, Tess spent years in college and the early days of her career studying insurance, retirement plans, statistics, and finance. Tess is passionate about teaching the importance of financial literacy and isn't afraid to get intimate with the confusing topics of the financial world. She believes everyone has a right to feeling the freedom that gaining control over your personal finances can offer. A master in communicating with the millennial generation, Tess makes every presentation a conversation full of engagement and laughter. Learn More >>>



Chris Molina is a United States Marine Corps veteran, Purdue University alum and a Supply-Chain/Operations professional.  He hails from East Chicago, Indiana and having grown up around poverty and financial hardships, Chris is passionate about teaching the fundamentals of managing money.  Chris loves engaging audiences (small and large) through personal life experiences, short and simple activities, and hilarious stories that you'll be talking about the next day.  Having a wide array of experiences, Chris can easily connect with any crowd.  
Chris is happily married (going on 9 years) and currently works for a Fortune 100 company.  Learn More >>> 


Mike Caira

Michael Caira is an alumnus of the University of North Florida where he acquired dual bachelor degrees in Finance and Financial Services from the Coggin College of Business. Michael is a proud Brother of the international business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. He has an extensive background in the financial services field working as a licensed broker and advisor for major financial companies. Michael's passion for teaching financial literacy started early in high school where he served as the president of the Academy of Finance for Western High School. Focusing on the millennial generation, Michael strives to positively change the way we learn, earn, and invest in ourselves for the future.

He was born and raised in Davie, Florida and currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.


Economos is an associate in the Leadership Development Program at Principal Financial Group. He obtained a degree in finance from Iowa State University after graduating with distinction in 2014. It quickly became apparent to John that the majority of questions and concerns coming from the students were related to money, which spurred him to absorb anything and everything that was useful to pass along. “After four years of absorption,” Economos says, “the content provided by National Financial Educators through Winning the Money Game is the best I have seen because it provides applicable insight and shortcuts that students can use to ensure a successful launch into the next chapter of their lives.” As a Certified Money Mentor®, John capitalizes on his recent endeavors in school to relate with  students and encourage them to think differently about their money and the habits associated with it. Learn More>>>


Megan Watt is a highly sought after Facilitator, Speaker, and Career Coach who brings an innovative approach to her work leaving participants excited to take action. Megan has her master’s in Higher Education & Student Affairs at Indiana University.  She speaks to student, corporate, non-profit, and association audiences on the power of strengths in the pursuit your dreams and financial well-being. Megan currently serves as the Executive Director of Dream Catalyst Labs, based in Madison, WI.  As a first generation college student Megan learned the hard way about student loan debt crisis and is now on a mission to help educate thousands of students to avoid her mistakes and the mistakes of many.  She uses her training and experience and passion for financial literacy to help spark a fire within to help you start Winning the Game. Learn More >>>


Molly Rose Daly

Director of Operations

Molly Rose is the right hand to the National Financial Educators company. A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Business Finance Molly Rose created a career that allows her to support the important message of financial literacy and student debt education for students. Molly Rose has a knack for keeping the team focused, productive and moving forward to delivering outstanding presentations nationally.  Please reach out to Molly Rose with any speaking or media inquires at